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CARTOL’s business sectors: Focus on the aeronautics

Since several years, CARTOL Industry possesses a multidisciplinary know-how anchored on various business sectors such as the automotive, aeronautics, defense, railway, construction/agriculture and food processing industry. Within the framework of the renewal of our EN9100 certification (Aeronautics standard), let’s talk about the aeronautics field in Cartol.

Our expertise in the aeronautics/aerospace business sector

At CARTOL, the aeronautics sector represents an important place. Whether its technical means or materials, we put everything in place to meet the needs of this business sector. By offering technical breakthroughs in these sectors, for example the replacement of the machined parts by stamped parts, CARTOL has positioned itself as a partner to major groups such as Ariane or Airbus.

The aeronautics sector represents 10% of CARTOL’s turnover and the aerospace sector 2%. The actual projects are mostly the fabrication of doors and canopies for H175, H120, H130, H125 for REXIAA (Airbus Helicopter) and also the fabrication of Ariane 6 parts, for Ariane group.

CARTOL have a team of 10 persons dedicated to aeronautics and aerospace projects. Each of them is trained and efficient to meet the technical constraints, especially the EN9100 specifications.

Indeed, CARTOL is certified EN9100 for different stages of the industrial production chains:

  • Stamping
  • Laser cutting
  • Cataphoresis
  • Painting
  • Riveting assembly

This European standard guarantees a level of quality that meets the specific requirements of aeronautics or aerospace sector.

Do you have a project to entrust us within the aeronautics or aerospace field? Choose a qualified company. CARTOL is available and offers its know-how to meet your needs.