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The cataphoresis, a key activity at CARTOL

One key expertise area of CARTOL INDUSTRIE is cataphoresis. This process is a painting technique used since the 1970s consisting of immersing a part to be treated against corrosion in a bath of water-soluble paint. This paint is fixed on the parts thanks to the circulation of an electric current.

Furthermore, the cataphoresis is an excellent protection against corrosion of the parts, but also serves as a base coat for the application of paint. Cataphoresis is also a very good alternative to metallization & galvanization.

At CARTOL, cataphoresis is a know-how anchored in the dynamics of the company. We have a large surface treatment unit that can accommodate large parts and thus guarantee an interesting reactivity for our customers. Thanks to our integrated test laboratory with a saline mist chamber, we guarantee a quality follow-up of the pieces.

With a complete multiphase process (trication phosphating, zirconium passivation, black cataphoresis), CARTOL make quality parts combining efficiency and performance. Our cataphoresis is ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards certified, enabling us to meet aeronautical standards, but also to be recognized and certified for our know-how by our major customers such as RENAULT, AIRBUS HELICOPTER, NEXTER, ARQUUS, ALSTOM…

Our production capacity, allows us to treat 25 steps/hour (piece or basket). This capacity allows us to process several thousands of pieces per day, small or large volume. However, the maximum size of the part are:

  • 5 meters in length
  • 2.20 meters width
  • 1.80-meter height
  • 500 kg

Many materials can be treated in our company, from steel to galvanized steel, electro-galvanized steel or aluminium.

You wish to discover more about cataphoresis, watch our video dedicated to this expertise by following the link here.

You wish to use the cataphoresis for your parts? Trust CARTOL Industrie, a qualified and certified company to accompany you in your project. Contact us for more information!